Founded in 1989 in New York City, Videoteca del Sur is an organization dedicated to the distribution, promotion and dissemination of Latin American film and video. Videoteca del Sur is a unique organization in the United States in that it exclusively maintains regular Latin American film and video programming, workshops, seminars and lectures.

Conscious of the importance to create not only an audiovisual space, but to also be a real presence in the film market, Videoteca del Sur is a project based on a strong and constant presentation of the Latin American image. This strategy has proven effective as a vehicle of distribution and exposure, bringing many of the films shown to participation in important festivals and international markets.

Over the past years since the founding of Videoteca del Sur, the organization has shown more than 1,000 works, all of Latin American origin. With its weekly programming, Videoteca del Sur has had the privilege to have had such internationally renowned directors lecture, teach and present. The list includes such internationally recognized figures as: Fernando Birri, Eliseo Subiela from Argentina; Román Chalbaud from Venezuela; Humberto Solás, Fernando Pérez, Enrique Pineda Barnet from Cuba; Silvio Caiozzi, Patricio Guzmán, actor Nelson Villagra, all from Chile; Gabriel Retes, Fabián Hofman from Mexico; North Americans, Barbara Trent and Estela Bravo; and an many of young an new Latino directors from the United States.

On an international level, Videoteca del Sur has participated in the following prestigious and acclaimed events: Trieste Film Festival, Italy; Puerto Rico’s San Juan Cinemafest; Festival de Viña del Mar, Internacional Cine y Video de Valdivia, Chile; Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Cuba; Muestra de Cine from Costa Rica; Festival Internacional de Cine de Cuenca, Ecuador; CineSul, Brazil.

The well-recognized Pedro Zurita has made the prestige and solvency of this institution possible. Zurita has been invited as a juror and conference participant in numerable international events. Within the industry, Videoteca del Sur is constantly being called upon as a reference by institutions and specialists in this medium. Thanks to the wide reaching nature of this institution, many films that otherwise may not have had a medium of distribution, have had the privilege of being screened and have thus gained recognition. This, in turn, has led many to their participation in important festivals, as well as being sought for international distribution.

On 2001, Videoteca del Sur inaugurated a branch in the city of Havana, Cuba, as the first Latin American film library on the island. This initiative was carried out thanks to the join work with ICAIC and the National Federation of Cine Clubs, both of Cuba. Videoteca de Sur-Havana holds a weekly film exhibit. The screening is followed by a stimulating debate ensues, including diatribe and critiques from Cuban directors and intellectuals who are present.

In March 2005, Videoteca del Sur, open a new branch in San José, Costa Rica, with the support of the Centro de Cine. On 2006, expand its service to Nicaragua through Casa de los Tres Mundos, in Granada; also in San Salvador in conjunction with Cinemateca from Universidad de El Salvador.

From 1995, Videoteca del Sur is the United States representative of the Cuban EICTV, International School of Film and Television.


Videoteca del Sur



Legendary Argentinean director, Fernardo Birri
(April 16, 1999)
Bernardo Ruíz
(May 24, 1999)
Oscar Winner Barbara Trent and VdS Director Pedro Zurita
(May 6, 1994)
Marta Bautis
(May 26, 2000)
Cuban Director Fernardo Pérez
(May 9, 1996)
Wilson Burbano (September 11, 1998)
Humberto Solás, Paul Lenti and Kelly Anderson
(October 7, 1993)

Gabriel Retes and Humberto Solás (November 1, 1996)

Cuban Filmmaker Rigoberto López
(October 1, 1999)
Román Chalbaud
(April 26, 1996)
Patricio Guzmán
(September 4, 1998)

Cuban Actress and Director Marilyn Solaya.
(June 23, 2000)

Director Estela Bravo
(October 14, 1994)

Susana Rubio, Alejandra Parra and Rafael Parra
(July 11, 1997)
Film Workshop with Enrique Pineda Barnet
(June 12, 2000)